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Motorcycle / Small Engine Class
Product:  Mini / Mini HD
50cc - 700cc each

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Light Truck and V8
Product:  Moto-Pro

3.1L - 8.5L max

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Passenger Class

Product:  Moto

1.0L - 5.0L max

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• Smoother engine performance

• Easier Starting

• Increase in fuel efficiency

• Lower emissions

• Better cold starting

  1. Smoother power-band

  2. Runs automatically after install

  3. Less engine noise

  4. Control Core Exclusive tuned for EFI

  5. Quiets odd noises and engine shakes

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Customer Installation  (With Photos)Documents/Entries/2010/4/24_Photos_-_My_Ride.htmlTestimonials.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
Dyno Testing  7-14% gains in TorqueDocuments/Entries/2010/5/21_Dyno_1.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
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Load Based Decisions:
RV / Industrial / Semi Trucks
Product:  Express

4.0L - 9.0L max

Product:  Express Pro
5.7L - 16L max

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Industrial / Semi Trucks / Farm / Fork Lifts / Commercial / RV / 
Sport / Racing / Performance applications are a cinch.Express.html
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Small Engines , faster, cleaner,
higher top speeds, more pull,
 less noise.Small_Engine_Mini.html
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• Better load-carry capability

• Smoother Shifting

• Better throttle response times

• More pleasure in driving with reduced body fatigue

• Stabilized engine pulsation effect on components

  1. Many more benefits discovered

  2. Ultra low energy consumption

  3. Smoother acceleration

  4. Efficiency Core Exclusive tuned for today’s needs

  5. Ideal hybrid with all carbon fuels

Longer Distances,  Smoothness, Restored Compression and more.Hot_Rodding.html
Better Torque, Reduced Harmonics Damage/Fatigue, More EfficiencyExpress.html

Bringing life to fuel

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